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Jennifer Lovejoy is an Advanced Soma Structural Integration Practitioner in practice for 12 years. She specializes in Embodied Presencing, bridging the split between our thinking processes and our deep experience of living in the body. Jennifer is interested in exploring how we can integrate the parts of ourselves that have been isolated and disowned so each of us can live the in full expression of our own beauty. She is a founding partner of the Aligned Soul, an organization that exists to support people awakening to their most essential nature.  Classical horsemanship, Soma Neuromuscular Integration, the Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Kundalini Yoga, Terrain of Essence, and Passionate Ease work all contribute to the blending of techniques that appear in her work. She has a BA in Human Ecology.


  • WA LMT #60044803

  • OR LMP#19555

  • Intraoral Massage Endorsement



Our wellness clinic in John’s Landing, SW Portland
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We have the pleasure of having a Bemer device at Authentic Healing.  The Bemer is a PEMF (Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field) device.  It can be a powerful ally in your wellness journey.  The Bemer enhances microcirculation in the body which improves nutrient distribution and enhances elimination of metabolic waste products.


A huge thank you to Malachi Graham who designed and built this beautiful website, recorded and edited the videos, and sourced the artwork and the music.  I could never have imagined such a beautiful result. Thank you, Malachi for your creativity, vision, and amazing array of talents. You are a gift in this world. (www.malachigraham.com)

Thank you to Bridget Underwood for the beautiful sketches that appear on this site. (www.bridgioto.com)

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