Soma Neuromuscular Integration

Soma is a form of deep bodywork that addresses the structure of the body in relation to the field of gravity. By unwinding the body from past compensation patterns that no longer serve the individual, and employing movement re-education, we can remind the body of  its optimal, harmonious, self-healing state.  By looking at the body as a whole mechanism and addressing the entire inter-related system, we stop chasing symptoms and work instead towards creating vibrant health in the entire being: body, mind and soul.

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Working in a series of 11 sessions (based on sessions developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, founder of Rolfing) we address the body as a whole, layer by layer, to improve alignment for increased ease, grace, and fluidity in the world. The intent of Soma is to affect the structure, posture, and alignment of the body by working with fascia, which surrounds the muscles, nerves, organs and bones of the body. Soma works in a series of 11 sessions, each addressing one area of the body and a specific goal for the body is addressed. Each session builds on the one before it.  We follow exactly what the body needs, in the order that it needs it. Soma works to unravel our habitual compensation patterns and re-educates the body to move and function in a more energetically efficient way.



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Many clients seek out Soma for pain reduction, improved body awarenessincreased ease in the body and mind, or increased self-confidence and self-reliance. For a successful experience with the Soma Series, clients are requested to participate fully in the session by bringing their self into a focused presence and feeling into their body.

After the series, clients often say that they feel lighter and more open to express themselves fully in life.  Soma work is a dynamic and ongoing process.  The work continues to grow with and support the individual long after the completion of the sessions. 


I would just like to express my gratitude for Jennifer’s work on my body/being. Her Soma work truly did make a big difference in my body (suppleness and range of motion, etc.). My body seems to now have the ability to recover and re-balance itself , where as before I needed chiropractic alignment to get back to becoming pain free and strong again. Thank you Jen, for your knowledge and gift of healing.
— T. H. Spanaway, WA
I generally take it with a large grain of salt when I’m told that something will ‘change my life’, so it was with some skepticism and a feeling of - it can’t hurt - that I began the Soma sessions. The physical changes that were wrought are fairly easy to see. The other effects are deeper and more profound. I suspect that they are unique to each person, but I can say unequivocally that it was amazing. I recommend the work to anyone who asks me about it, and yes, I tell them it will change their life.
— M.R. Buckley, WA
I went to Jen for shoulder and neck pain that had become nearly debilitating. Jen’s approach to my problem was fantastic! She located the underlying problem and relieved most of the pain during the first session. But more than that, I really appreciated her sensible, grounded approach and sensitivity to my needs. She showed me how every part of my body was reacting to the shoulder injury and helped me to see that the tension held in my upper body was affecting everything—from my breathing to my posture. She changed my perception of my own body and helped me to understand how fundamental structural balance is to my health. She is my massage therapist for life!
— K.R. Yelm, WA