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In addition to one-on-one sessions, Jennifer offers teaching in a variety of styles from hands-on workshops to guided meditations. Explore her offerings below.

Embodied Presence Retreat

Are you longing to walk towards your own wholeness?.
April 27, 2019


This retreat with Jennifer Lovejoy will give you the time and space to come home to yourself... How do we include everything in our lives in the field of love?  How can we recognize that the "bad" and the "good" are both portals to what life wants to grow us towards?  How can we be with another person and not give up ourselves? How can we remember that we are not alone?

0333 SW Flower Street Portland, OR 97239

The Aligned Practitioner

Renewing your passion for your practice.
November 2-4, 2018

This retreat is for practitioners of any modality, anyone who anyone who holds space for and works with people body, mind  and spirit.  Are you an Acupuncturist? Nurse?  Life Coach? Naturopath? Bodyworker? Counselor? Energy Worker? Social Worker? Nurse Practitioner? Doctor?  We welcome healers and professionals from all modalities and helping professions.  

0333 SW Flower Street Portland, OR 97239

Free Meditation:
“Embodying Mind”

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